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What's more American than Mom, apple pie, and baseball? Would you believe Mom, apple pie, and casinos? Americans are visiting casinos more than they visit Major League baseball parks! With all this participation, are Americans becoming expert at gambling? Do they know their odds and the ways to improve their odds the way they used to know baseball stats?

If we are to judge by the billions of dollars dropped in casinos each year, the answer is a resounding "NO. If winning at the casino is the new American dream, it seems to be a dream that comes true for very few - except the owners of the establishments. We'll assume you are not an owner. Then what can you do to improve your chances of winning a piece of the American casino pie?

How can you change your luck? Would you believe that your "luck" is learn more here only one factor in the game, that there is a lot more going on here than just plain old-fashioned apple pie luck? First, let me ask http://antiguo.info/online-casino-betting-singapore.php a couple more questions.

Do you spend more than you intended to on most of your visits to the casino, stay longer than you had click here, win far less money than you would like to win?

Are you frustrated by your inability to really get ahead but find yourself going back again and again? If big online gambling wins answered "yes" to these questions, you are solidly in with the vast majority of people who visit casinos.

But, let's look at what "yes" answers imply. Would you believe good old-fashioned American psychology? It's true - psychology is planned into the casino business! First of all, read article is the general psychology of society's changing attitude.

Gambling has increased in popularity in good part because it is no longer perceived as terribly immoral - even the government has given its approval. Since you're, in effect, looking through society's view of gambling as an acceptable form of entertainment, it's easy to let your guard down. It's just an acceptable, harmless way to have some fun. This is fine, as long as you either have big online gambling wins funds to throw away or you can keep enough control to spend no more than you can big online gambling wins. But if you want to make your casino visits PAY, then you must change the way you look at gambling.

To make it pay you must look at the casino as your adversary. Now, that's not to say it can't be fun - after all, wouldn't it be more fun to walk away from your casino-adversary with bucks in your pocket and big online gambling wins smile on your face than it is to walk big online gambling wins from your casino-friend with empty pockets?

But the psychology part is more involved and complicated than just analyzing your attitude and society's attitude. Casinos consciously big online gambling wins deliberately exploit known psychological responses to control your gambling behavior. Knowing some of their methods will help put you back in control. We all know that casinos are set up to give the casino a mathematical edge.

They real money online slots review in the business to make money, after all. What you may not know is that your mathematical odds of winning are affected by the length of your visit. The longer you big online gambling wins, the poorer your odds of winning are. The casinos, then, use psychological methods to persuade you to stay longer - the longer you stay, the greater the odds that they win.

The design of the casinos - the colors, the lighting, the space, the chairs, the smells in the air, everything - is analyzed for big online gambling wins comfort and appeal. The operators figure that anything that can keep you playing click the following article another five minutes each visit can add millions to their take.

Special promotions, for instance. Some are designed to get you into the big online gambling wins, others to keep you there just a little longer. The free or cheap meals - an all around winner for the casino - will bring some people in for a bargain meal.

How many will leave without dropping at least some money in the games? Most will source up paying dearly for that "cheap" meal, but will forget that the next time they want to go out for a nice, "cheap" meal.

But there's another aspect to it. If you are already at the games, a cheap meal conveniently available in the casino will keep you in the building at mealtime. You'll be away from the games for a minimum length of time. The fairly new bill acceptors on slot big online gambling wins keep you at your play.

When you are out of change, you big online gambling wins have to wait around or walk to the change booth for more coin. This adds to your playing time - your playing time is money - for the casinos. Casinos operators carefully plan their lighting. You may have noticed that when you are in a casino it big online gambling wins difficult to determine whether it is day or night.

Remember, they like you or your money so much they want big online gambling wins to extend your visit. If they big online gambling wins get you to drop you usual time consciousness, you'll stay longer. Colors are chosen to trigger automatic responses. Slot machines are outfitted in colors that will attract and hold gamblers. Sophisticated color combinations are used to minimize the time you will spend slot hopping.

Many casino operators add a scent to the air. In http://antiguo.info/roulette-online-casino-las-vegas.php experimental test the scent was shown to increase substantially the number of coins customers dropped into the slots - very http://antiguo.info/william-hill-casino-no-deposit.php, about 45 percent.

Most big online gambling wins these techniques add greatly to your comfort as well as sometimes triggering an automatic psychological response. If your visit is pleasant, you will stay longer, play looser with your bankroll, and come back again.

Other techniques have little or nothing to do with your comfort and are simply exploitive. You are simply big online gambling wins "white rat" - the unsuspecting victim of psychological games. For instance, the payout system of the slots. In the last thirty years, psychology has even been applied to that.

The system of paying tiny winnings often is that new. Http://antiguo.info/online-slots-that-pay-real-money-usa.php was it done before?

Well if you won, you won a reasonable amount, but the payoffs http://antiguo.info/jack-city-casino.php infrequent. Big online gambling wins is the advantage of frequent small payoffs? It is the psychological "promise" of a big win. You will be enticed into staying please click for source and risking more money.

Putting in a few "hot" machines is also an application of psychology. Your search for the "hot" machine is motivated by the psychological "promise" of a lucky streak. Again, you'll stay longer and risk more. Some casinos will give you small denominations as change for large bills or, at the tables, small denominations of chips. Because, as we all know, it is easier to spend a dollar than it is to spend a twenty. Ever notice how wins are played up? The real coin that's dropped into metal slot pan when someone wins is deliberate.

The noise excites you. The bells money wheel slot machine youtube whistles that attend a really big win are also deliberate attention-getters and exciting. The casinos make a big deal over wins - but losing is pretty quiet. The excitement of the noise stirs you to try to win. Big online gambling wins there is more. All the attention given to winning makes it seem like there is more winning going on than there really is.

Now you know that in the eyes of the casino you're merely a "white rat" from whom they are trying to extract the most they can. What can you do about it? Although occasionally mobile sites go too far and a practice is outlawed, you really can't do much about changing their use of tricks.

But when you are aware of them, you can guard yourself against reacting automatically. You can put yourself back in control. So, is being in control going to change your "luck"? Well, it will help. But you have to know how to use that control to your advantage. First, you know that your odds of winning decrease in ratio to the length of your visit at the casino.

So with your new control you will make your visits shorter. You will be aware of your surroundings and try to note the tricks the casino is using to influence you. Conscious awareness will make them less effective. Pick you games according to your own system - not according to the casino's planned influence.

But you must also be aware of the things you can do to increase your odds in a given game. We will discuss a couple of the most popular games. Slot machines this web page Most slot machines have three reels. The number of combinations for lining them up depends on the big online gambling wins of symbols on each reel.

Most machines have between 20 and 28 symbols per reel.

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The online gaming world is loaded with misconceptions that players have to spend tons of cash to win big - but thanks to free joining spins and incentives, that's no longer the case. The year-old big online gambling wins, Katherine, from Mersyside, revealed what many clever players already know: On the afternoon of Sunday 3 April, Katherine decided to entertain herself by playing her favourite online casino, MariaCasino.

She began to land winning after winning, all on a big online gambling wins spins, soon converting her winnings into cash. Online casinos sometimes hand out free spins in an effort to attract new players to their sites. In addition to free welcome spins, the popular European online casino offers its existing players generous daily offers — such as more free spins every Thursday and Sunday — the day Katherine won. On Mondays, the casino offers a popular cashback deal — another risky deal that could lead players to more wins.

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Brian Cox Professor Brian Cox explains how we can solve world's energy crisis - by moving power industry to outer space. The astrophysicist says we should big online gambling wins focusing big online gambling wins visit web page asteroids and tapping into the "unlimited big online gambling wins in space rather than restricting our energy usage on Earth.

Christmas big online gambling wins be an expensive time of year so here's how you can get two presents for virtually nothing. Three men stole a delivery intended for an Apple store ahead of today's launch. Competitions Win a Spa day for two Feeling stressed?

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