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Unfortunately PayPal does not support direct deposit into your PayPal Account Balance. You can setup direct deposit to a PayPal product such as the PayPal Prepaid. Hi bird50! PayPal doesn't have a direct deposit option at this time, but you can send money to your bank at any time by clicking on the Withdraw tab at the top.

Can I use Direct Deposit to put money into my payp - PayPal Community Can you use direct deposit with paypal

Learn more in Community Events. If you have a PayPal Prepaid Master Card, you can setup direct deposit, then you can reload your card from your bank account. If you have a PayPal Debit Card, that's different, it simply works like can you use direct deposit with paypal other bank account debit card except this connects to your PayPal Account.

There's no direct deposit option as it is a debit card. Snowshoe, although your attempt to answer the question is appreciated, you failed to address the issue. If you look at this and the hundreds of other discussion threads on this board concerning "Direct Deposit", consumers are asking for a way to set up direct deposit with PayPal, similar to the way NetSpend offers direct deposit options for their pre-paid card holders.

As people are leaving their banks for other financial options and can you use direct deposit with paypal most employers and government entities going away from traditional paper checks this is a huge demand for direct deposit. When will PayPal offer a routing number and account number that can be provided to our employers and government organizations to have funds directly deposited into our PayPal несколько free slots x 10 отворились through Наверное, macau gambling money laundering стал We all know that we can add funds from a bank account into our PayPal account.

We want the ability for others to add funds to our PayPal account through EFT by providing them with a traditional direct deposit form with routing number and account number on them.

Thank you for taking this ongoing concern to Check this out management and getting a firm answer can you use direct deposit with paypal this on going issue that every PayPal advisor on this board keeps skirting around and not answering directly.

Perhaps you should get involved. Most advisors here are volunteers, not PayPal employees. We own online businesses and have years of experience using PayPal. We help where we can.

From our experience, we don't skirt issues nor http://antiguo.info/online-casino-south-africa.php we make PayPal policies. We even disagree from time to time and often suggest better ways of doing things.

Some of us have even worked directly with the engineering people to improve on features like the online button creator, discount variables and tax table calculations, just to mention a few. Having Direct Deposit is a great suggestion as you have pointed out, certainly is doable. Instead of sitting on the sidelines, you should get on the field and play, maybe can you use direct deposit with paypal can make a difference. Ask the Community Help the Community.

Send Request Business Help Community. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Does direct deposit exist. I have the pay pal business debit Master Card and was wondering if direct deposit of my pay check is available for this type of account. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

PayPal has several products and folks get them confused, I know I do. Privacy Legal Policy updates.

PayPal & Direct Deposit - PayPal Community Can you use direct deposit with paypal

This company is not yet accredited. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own. Want to know more about ConsumerAffairs accredited brands? Check out ConsumerAffairs for Brands. I closed my NetSpend account due to atrocious customer service.

After I received it and discovered that fact, I started arranging for a different account check out Chime. Same off shore customer service with agents casino joining bonus cannot understand you, they just answer the phone "PayPal Prepaid Mastercard".

I will not do business with NetSpend again, no matter what name they use. I am a cancer patient and family and friends had a fundraiser for me on Facebook. It was transferred onto my PayPal prepaid after they took their cut. I only received That's 61 dollars not counting the monthly 6 dollars they charge.

We try to avoid the fluff and deliver this web page and guides that really matter. I called PayPal customer service to ask about this card. They replied to me 3 times about what this card could do. I believed him because you know, it's a debit card duh Bought the card at a local store. I go online can you use direct deposit with paypal activate it I say yes, it says click next and I do Please call us at waste of time number" Are you kidding me.

I am experienced with PayPal and I know what this means. Sadly, a lot of people use this horrible service to send money. Are you kidding me Can you believe it? Is anyone else shocked by this or is it just me??? I asked for a refund and they cannot issue one? I am absolutely shocked. They literally lied, took my money and won't give it back. Maybe I'll consider a career change. This is wrong, wrong, wrong. I signed up for ALLY online bank, a real bank, with more ease, not requiring to send this private info.

No other prepaid debit cards require this. None are accepted by PayPal. You'll find a forum on NetSpend's official website saying you can, but PayPal states that you cannot! NetSpend lies, PayPal lies, customer service lies. Read all these reviews. Not one good one. I would never spend the time to do this at 2 am on a work night but I am extremely disappointed.

Please do http://antiguo.info/win-bet-online-casino.php purchase this scam of a card You should purchase a regular debit card because you will not be able to link your PayPal balance onto this card. The company will give you the phone number to NetSpend, and then NetSpend will give you some "Off the wall" excuse on why your new debit card can't be activated. Then they will finally activate it after arguing with their reps can you use direct deposit with paypal an hour or more on the phone.

When you get it activated You will have to call the customer service back at for PayPal to walk you through to transfer funds from your PayPal balance to this new PayPal debit MasterCard Don't even waste your time Because they're reading prompts to tell you what you should see on your computer or app They haven't a clue on how to help you Then when you try to transfer your funds to your PayPal debit it takes you to a screen that's encrypted And reads "Apache Tomcat".

So unless you're can you use direct deposit with paypal HTML code specialist You will not be able to remove that encryption That's not all folks Then PayPal will allow for you to transfer money to any other card or bank account except for the card that bears their logo.

I'm usually not the type to report can you use direct deposit with paypal Consumer Affairs But this has to stop PayPal is too established for this to happen to its longtime customers.

Either establish with MasterCard's bank or connect to Bancorp Because it's a mess and it's PayPal is definitely apart of this scam too. I got this card by mistake thinking it would pull directly from my PayPal account If you're here and have this card, call PayPal and request a true debit card directly from them. Then cancel your PayPal Prepaid card.

Customer service is worthless. It will let me transfer money from my PayPal account to the prepaid card only when it feels like it. Most of the times, it doesn't feel like it. Get this card if you like getting angry, because that is what is going to happen. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.

I initially got this card because I was in need of a new debit card after having trouble with my last one. I was interested because I already had a PayPal account and supposedly you could link these accounts which was perfect for me. Turns out, this link only allows for you to send money from your PayPal account to your debit card.

And despite the claims in the F. You can get the money if you send a money request from your PayPal account to an email that's not associated with your PayPal account but there is a hefty charge for this type of transaction.

The card was otherwise fine. The only upside to PayPal is the whole online feature. PayPal customer service is a pain. Believe it or not, the PayPal prepaid card master card and the actual PayPal. The lady I get on the phone always the same one is always rude, judgmental, and irritating. I am a college student, so using this company to manage my funds at first seemed to be a good idea, but it is not.

Unless you use PayPal for small deals, payments, or can you use direct deposit with paypal a small online business can you use direct deposit with paypal company is not a good idea. People who rarely use PayPal maybe have no problems, but just looking at the people who use it on a regular basis can tell you all you need to know. But you know, you have to wait forever for that crap to go machine tips. Then they have this account can you use direct deposit with paypal 'security' feature.

There was an incident where my card was stolen and the person who actually was caught at the ATM because they had my college I. Because of this, PayPal had to do 'super scientific research' into the matter which probably meant sorting can you use direct deposit with paypal all the angry calls considering the wait time on the customer service phone line so my account had limited accessibility for about a month. Pain in the ass?

If I happened to need seven bucks for class, or even 50 cents taken off a card at my school to use the printer forget it! They assume everyone is a hacker or something which, okay, thanks for the security but. There HAS to be a way to prove it is me?!! All this tells golden tiger casino mobile is PayPal has some serious security issues, or they are just that unorganized of a team.

This experience scr888 online newtown casino online, even when everything is going well they create so many problems. To quote can you use direct deposit with paypal person below me 'hoops and ladders'. You can only transfer funds from your savings account to your card 6 times or maybe five but when you have one more transfer left they make you call them to assure them that it is really you transferring the money.

The logic behind this is clearly ridiculous. Spend the extra money a month or the annoyance of opening up a real bank account as opposed to using PayPal for your small business or income. Right now I can you use direct deposit with paypal realizing this is a terrible mistake I made to use PayPal prepaid for all my expenses can you use direct deposit with paypal income.

I would only recommend Playtech online casinos usa if you are running a small business on eBay, or regularly hire people to work on your house or something and like paying them through PayPal.

I would never 50 online casinos top using it to hold funds over 10, or even anything over 5, I have e-mailed, and called the customer service department, and no matter how I explain this to them, jump through all their 'hoops' nothing works, and I cannot perform this.

If there is a representative from PayPal prepaid that will help me with this, in an honest, thorough, and professional fashion, I would appreciate it, however I have yet to find one that will!

How To Link YouTube to your Bank Account and get Paid

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Jan 06,  · How do you do direct deposit with paypal? How can you WIRE or Direct Deposit into a PayPal account? Walmart money card and paypal direct deposit?Status: Resolved.
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With PayPal, use your favorite banks and cards and still earn card rewards. And get access to flexible payment options like PayPal Credit. Make the most of your money.
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With PayPal, use your favorite banks and cards and still earn card rewards. And get access to flexible payment options like PayPal Credit. Make the most of your money.
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Jan 06,  · How do you do direct deposit with paypal? How can you WIRE or Direct Deposit into a PayPal account? Walmart money card and paypal direct deposit?Status: Resolved.
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Frequently Asked Questions. such as direct deposit. If you do not If your PayPal Prepaid Card is linked with your PayPal Account, you can use the PayPal.
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