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Building Architectures to Solve Business Problems. John George make money gambling online a reference architect on the NetApp Infrastructure and Cloud Engineering team and is focused on developing, validating, and supporting cloud infrastructure solutions that include NetApp products.

Before his current role, he supported and administered Nortel's worldwide training network and VPN infrastructure. John holds a master's degree in computer engineering from Clemson University. He has expert product knowledge of Microsoft Windows storage technologies and data protection technologies. Chris O'Brien is currently focused on developing infrastructure best practices and solutions that free slot machines online no download no registration/a n/a designed, tested, and documented to facilitate free slot machines online no download no registration/a n/a improve customer deployments.

Previously, O'Brien was an application developer and has worked in the IT industry for more than 15 years. Chris Reno is a reference architect in the Online blackjack android Infrastructure and Cloud Enablement group and is focused on creating, validating, supporting, and evangelizing solutions based on NetApp products.

Before free slot machines online no download no registration/a n/a employed in his current role, he worked with NetApp product engineers designing and developing innovative ways to perform Q and A for NetApp products, including enablement of a large grid infrastructure using physical and virtualized computing resources. In these roles, Chris gained expertise in stateless computing, netboot architectures, and virtualization. Glenn Sizemore is a private cloud reference architect in the Microsoft Solutions Group at NetApp, where he specializes in cloud and automation.

She focuses on the architecture, implementation, compatibility, and security of innovative vendor technologies to develop competitive and high-performance end-to-end cloud solutions for customers. Lindsey started her career in at Nortel as an interoperability test engineer, testing customer equipment interoperability for certification. Lindsey has a bachelor of science degree in computer networking and a master of science in information security from East Carolina University.

Adam Fazio is a Solution Architect in the Worldwide Datacenter and Private Cloud Center of Excellence organization with a passion for evolving customers' IT infrastructure from a cost-center to a key strategic asset. With focus on the broad Core Infrastructure Optimization model, his specialties include: Adam is a course instructor, published writer and regular conference speaker on Microsoft Cloud, Datacenter, and Infrastructure solutions.

In his 14 years at Microsoft, Joel has successfully led strategic projects for Government, Education Sector, and Fortune сидевшие top 10 online casino in malaysia Еще. Joel is a lead architect for Microsoft's Datacenter Services Solution and free slot machines online no download no registration/a n/a Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track program and serves as course instructor, published writer and regular conference speaker on Microsoft Private Cloud, virtualization and infrastructure free slot machines online no download no registration/a n/a. Jeff has worked with datacenter focused virtualization, management and operations technologies for almost a decade of his 14 plus years in IT.

Jeff is a regular conference speaker on Microsoft Private Cloud, virtualization and infrastructure solutions. The CVD program consists of systems and solutions designed, tested, and documented to facilitate faster, more reliable, and more predictable customer deployments. For more information visit. All other trademarks mentioned in this document or website are the property of their respective owners. The use of the word partner does not imply a partnership relationship between Cisco and any other company.

A Cisco Validated Design consist of free slot machines online no download no registration/a n/a and solutions that are designed, tested, and documented to facilitate and improve customer deployments. These designs incorporate a wide range of technologies and products into a portfolio of solutions that have been developed to address the business needs of our customers.

The purpose of this document is to describe the Cisco and NetApp FlexPod solution, which is a validated approach for deploying Cisco and NetApp technologies as a shared cloud infrastructure. The goal of the program is to help organizations free slot machines online no download no registration/a n/a and quickly implement private clouds while reducing both complexity and risk. The program provides a reference architecture that combines Microsoft software, consolidated guidance, and validated configurations with partner technology, such as computing, network, and storage architectures, in free slot machines online no download no registration/a n/a to value-added software components.

The private cloud model provides much of the efficiency and agility of cloud computing, along with the increased control and customization that are achieved through dedicated private resources. With Private Cloud Fast Track, Microsoft and its hardware partners can help provide organizations both the control and the flexibility that are required to reap the potential benefits of the private cloud.

These key software components are used for every reference implementation. The intended audience of this document includes sales engineers, field consultants, professional services, IT managers, partner engineering, and customers who want to take advantage of an infrastructure built to deliver IT efficiency and enable IT innovation.

The following design elements distinguish this version of FlexPod from previous models:. All switching is performed by the external fabric interconnect, which can switch not only between physical ports, but also between virtual interfaces VIFs that correspond to the virtual network interface cards vNICs on the VMs. This document can be found at the following link: Industry trends indicate a vast data center transformation toward shared infrastructure and cloud computing.

Enterprise customers are moving away from isolated centers of IT operation toward more cost-effective virtualized environments. The objective of the move toward virtualization, and eventually to cloud computing, is to increase agility and reduce costs. Especially because companies must address resistance to change in both their organizational and technical IT models, achieving this transformation can seem daunting and complex. To accelerate the process and simplify the evolution to a shared cloud infrastructure, Cisco and Learn more here have developed a solution called FlexPod for Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track v3.

FlexPod is a suitable platform for running a variety of virtualization hypervisors as well as bare metal operating systems and enterprise workloads. FlexPod delivers not only a baseline configuration, but also the flexibility to be sized and optimized to accommodate many different use cases and requirements. This document describes FlexPod for Free slot machines online no download no registration/a n/a Private Cloud Fast Track v3 from Cisco and NetApp and discusses design choices and deployment best practices using this shared infrastructure platform.

As customers transition toward shared infrastructure or cloud computing, they face a number of questions, such as the following:. The FlexPod architecture is designed to help you answer these questions by providing proven guidance and measurable value. By introducing standardization, FlexPod helps customers mitigate the risk and uncertainty involved in planning, designing, and implementing a new data center infrastructure.

The result is a more predictive and adaptable architecture capable of meeting and exceeding customers' IT demands. Cisco and NetApp have thoroughly tested and verified the FlexPod solution architecture and its many use cases while creating a portfolio of detailed documentation, information, and references to assist customers in transforming their data centers to this shared infrastructure model.

This portfolio includes the following items:. Cisco and NetApp have also built an experienced support team focused on FlexPod solutions, from customer account and technical sales representatives to professional services and technical support engineers.

The support alliance formed by NetApp and Cisco provides customers and channel services partners with direct access to technical experts who collaborate with multiple vendors and have access to shared lab resources to resolve potential issues.

FlexPod supports tight integration with virtualized and cloud infrastructures, making it the logical choice for long-term investment.

The following IT initiatives are addressed by the FlexPod solution:. FlexPod is a prevalidated click here that brings together computing, storage, and network to no deposit internet casinos and accelerate data center builds and application rollouts while reducing the risks.

These integrated systems provide a standardized approach in the data center that supports staff expertise, application onboarding, and automation, as well as operational efficiencies that are important for compliance and certification. FlexPod is a highly available and scalable infrastructure that IT can evolve over time to support multiple physical and virtual application workloads. FlexPod just click for source no single point of failure at any level, from the server through the network to the storage.

The fabric is fully redundant and scalable, providing smooth traffic failover should any individual component fail at the physical or virtual layer. Cisco Unified Fabric is a data center network that supports both traditional LAN traffic and all types of storage traffic, including the lossless requirements for block-level storage transport over Fibre Channel.

Cisco Unified Fabric creates high-performance, low-latency, and highly available networks serving a diverse set of data center needs. Cisco Unified Fabric also offers the efficiencies associated with infrastructure consolidation, including:. FlexPod Free slot machines online no download no registration/a n/a with Cisco Unified Fabric helps you preserve investments in existing infrastructure, management tools, and staff training and expertise.

FlexPod delivers the capability to securely separate and connect virtual machines into the network. This capability enables the full utilization of FlexPod while maintaining consistent application and security policy enforcement across the stack, even with workload mobility.

FlexPod free slot machines online no download no registration/a n/a a uniform approach to IT architecture, offering a well-characterized and documented shared pool of resources for application workloads.

FlexPod delivers operational efficiency and consistency with versatility to meet a variety of service-level agreements SLAs and IT initiatives, including:. The Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track program outlines the high-level architectural vision that is intended to help partners rapidly develop end-to-end, integrated, and tested virtualization or private cloud solutions for small and medium-size businesses, as well as for the enterprise and data center, that meet or exceed Microsoft validation standards.

This guide will focus exclusively on the Enterprise Solutions branch. Each branch in the Fast Track program uses a reference architecture that defines the requirements that are necessary to design, build, and deliver virtualization and private cloud solutions for small- medium- and large-size enterprise implementations. Each reference architecture in the Fast Track program combines concise guidance with validated configurations for the computing, network, storage, and virtualization and management layers.

Each architecture presents multiple design patterns for using the architecture and describes the minimum requirements for validating each Fast Track solution. This document describes the Enterprise Medium configuration and the Converged Infrastructure design pattern. The Converged Infrastructure in this context free slot machines online no download no registration/a n/a Microsoft Private Cloud is the sharing of network topology between network and storage network traffic.

This typically implies Ethernet network devices and network controllers with particular features to provide segregation, QoS performanceand scalability. FlexPod is a best practice data center architecture that is built with three components:. These components are connected and configured according to the best practices of both Cisco and NetApp to provide the ideal platform for running a variety of enterprise workloads with confidence.

FlexPod can scale up for greater performance and capacity adding computing, network, or storage resources individually as neededor it can scale out for environments that need multiple consistent deployments rolling out additional FlexPod stacks. FlexPod delivers not only a baseline configuration but also the flexibility to be sized and optimized to accommodate many different use cases.

Typically, the more scalable and flexible a solution is, the more difficult it becomes to maintain a single unified architecture capable of offering the same features and functionality across each implementation.

This is one of the key benefits of FlexPod. Each of the component families shown in Figure 1 Cisco UCS, Cisco Nexus, and NetApp FAS offers platform and resource options to scale the infrastructure up or down while supporting the same features and functionality that are required under the configuration and connectivity best practices of FlexPod. FlexPod addresses four primary design principles: These architecture goals are as follows:. Ensure accessible and ready-to-use services.

Address increasing demands with appropriate resources. Provide new services or recovered resources without requiring infrastructure modification. Facilitate efficient infrastructure operations through open standards and APIs.

Note Performance and security are key design criteria that were not directly addressed in this project but have been addressed in other collateral, benchmarking and solution testing efforts. Functionality and basic security elements were validated. Scalability is achieved through the addition of storage capacity disk and shelves as well as through additional controllers, whether they be FAS, or series.

The controllers are deployed only in HA pairs, meaning more HA pairs беседы great canadian casino bus распухли be added for scalability, free slot machines online no download no registration/a n/a each pair is managed separately. The solution provides a unified 10 Gigabit Ethernet enabled fabric defined by dedicated FCoE uplinks and dedicated Ethernet uplinks between the Cisco UCS fabric interconnects and the Cisco Nexus switches, as well as converged connectivity between the NetApp storage devices and the same multipurpose Cisco Nexus platforms.

Port channeling is a link aggregation technique offering link fault tolerance and traffic distribution load balancing for improved aggregate bandwidth across member ports. Note The Spanning Tree protocol does not actively block redundant physical links in a properly configured vPC-enabled environment, so all ports should forward on vPC member ports. Organizations with the following characteristics or needs may wish to use the 7-Mode design:.

Note It is always advisable to seek advice from experts. Please consider reaching out to your NetApp account team or partner for further guidance.

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